NAICS CODE: 513111 Radio Networks

513112 Radio Stations

Description of Operations:

Radio broadcasting is regulated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). It provides programming which consists usually of advertising, specific content such as music or shows, and information or news. Programming is broadcast over the airways in audio only. Broadcasting operations can provide programming that is specific to an audience or category or general in nature. The content of programming theoretically needs to be approved by the FCC. Broadcasters need to maintain logs of the programming for FCC review.

  • Property exposure from fire is due to electronic equipment throughout the operation. There are usually booths set up for the DJ and other booths for recording radio tracks. As newer equipment is added, wiring should be checked and upgraded as needed. Theft of equipment is always a concern, so security should be appropriate for the value of the equipment and the area where located.

  • Inland marine exposures include is the broadcasting support such as the towers, guide wires and all portable audio equipment. Any equipment that is used on remote sites should be included. Satellite dishes may be considered property or inland marine, depending on the company. Since most radios use distance feeds, the satellite coverage is important. In addition there is exposure from Accounts Receivable, Computers and Valuable Papers (licence to operate).

  • Occupiers’ Liability exposure on premises is limited unless the public is allowed into the station for community events and broadcasts. If the public is permitted in, the floor covering must be in good condition and all areas free from obstacles.

  • Professional liability exposure comes from broadcasting. The more original programming used, the higher the chance of a professional action. Does the station do local news? Are there investigative reporters? Is news live and spontaneous or scripted? What control is maintained at remote locations? Are all licences in place?

  • Automobile exposures are often Hired Non-Owned only. If the company supplies vehicles to reporters and salespersons, there should be a policy on personal and permissive use of the vehicles. All drivers must have valid licences and their drivers’ records must be acceptable. All vehicles must be maintained and records kept at a central location.

  • Workers compensation exposures depend upon the type of off-site exposures that exist to news collection, exhibitions, promotions and advertising. Some can be unique and extensive. Other thoughts to consider from a workers compensation standpoint are the use of independent contractors and whether or not employees go on overseas assignments, visit dangerous or exotic locales, or participate in contests and dangerous or hazardous activities while on the job.

Minimum recommended Insurance coverage for radio:

Business, Personal Property, Extra Expense, Accounts Receivable, Broadcasting Equipment, Computers, Valuable Papers, Employee Dishonesty, General Liability, Employee Benefits, Professional, Umbrella, Hired and Non-owned Auto, Workers Compensation

Other Insurance coverage to consider for radio:

Building, Business Income, Business Auto Liability and Physical Damage, Employment Practises Liability