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Description of Operations:

Janitorial service operations provide cleaning services to commercial and industrial risks. Some operations provide exclusive services for one client only, while others have a number of clients or offer services to the public on an “as needed” basis.

  • Property exposures at the operation’s home base usually consist of an office with equipment and supply storage. Fire concerns may exist from the cleaning chemicals and supplies. Should any of the chemicals and cleaners be flammable, proper labelling, separation, and storage is needed in approved containers and cabinets.

  • Inland marine exposure is fairly minimal except for the cleaning equipment itself. It is important to know where the items are kept. Are they stored on the customer’s property at all times or are they transported between jobs? Equally important, who owns the equipment and is there a care, custody and control situation involved with the equipment?

  • Occupier’s Liability can be a concern while in the process of cleaning. Wet or slippery floors can cause injury to customers and passersby. What controls are in place? Is any work done while the premises are open for business or is all cleaning done after hours? Are nonslip finishes used?

    The care of the customer’s premises and property is of high importance. What procedures does the operation have in place to prevent employee theft of the customer’s property? Are references required? Are references and background checks done? What procedures are followed if an employee does commit theft? What is done to prevent other types of damage or injury to customer’s property? What training and procedures are in place to prevent improper lockup after completion of operation, lost keys, security issues, and unauthorized visitors? Does the customer have highly sensitive areas that, if contaminated, will require extensive decontamination expense? While protecting the customer’s property is important, just as important is protecting the customer’s employees. Do the customer’s employees work late at night with only the building cleaner’s employees with them?

  • Automobile exposures are fairly low and could involve only non-owned exposures. Are employees expected to run errands on the job? Are employees who run these errands, required to produce evidence of insurance?

  • Workplace safety exposure can be high. Workers can experience lung, eye, or skin irritations and reactions to the cleaning chemicals. Slip and fall can occur during cleaning. Lifting, back injury, hernia, and sprain and strain are all common occurrences. Employees can also suffer assault because of working at “off hours” in empty buildings. What precautions are taken to protect the employees from assault in the building and when walking to and from vehicles?

Minimum recommended insurance coverage for Janitorial service:

Business Personal Property, Accounts Receivables, Contractors’ Equipment, Dishonesty, Disappearance and Destruction, General Liability, Umbrella, Automobile Liability and Physical Damage, Non-Ownership Automobile

Other Insurance coverages to consider for Janitorial service:

Building, Business Income with Extra Expense, Computers, Employment Practices Liability, Directors and Officers – for profit