NAICS CANADA CODE: 812115 Beauty salons

Description of Operations:

Beauty shops provide a number of services from cutting, styling, trimming, colouring, and application of permanent wave to hair, to massage, nail care, tanning beds, cosmetic consulting and electrology.

  • Property exposures result from the machinery used and fire loss from poor wiring, overheating, and poor maintenance. Age and condition of the equipment is important. Most of the chemicals used in the personal applications are not flammable, although some may contain alcohol. Theft is not normally a high concern.

  • Inland marine may have an exposure to Bailees Customers. Some salons offer all-day events and store the property of the customer. This property needs to be safeguarded.

  • Occupier’s liability is the main concern where the public comes to the premises. Aisles must be adequate and free of debris with flooring in good condition, no frayed or worn spots on carpet and no cracks or holes in flooring. Sufficient exits must exist and be well marked, with backup systems in case of power failure. Also, check the contracts between the shop owner and the other operators. Are they employees or do they rent space? Tanning beds, massage, and electrology services provide additional premises exposures that need careful control. Tanning services provide a special set of exposures that may need the services of specialty markets, due to the unknown loss potential for long-term exposure from the radiation and chances of cancer and related diseases.

    Parking lots and sidewalks need to be in good repair with snow and ice removed, and generally level and free of exposure to slip and falls. Security of visitors in parking areas is rapidly becoming the responsibility of the owner or operator of the premises. Is the exterior lighting adequate? What other security measures are in place?

  • Product liability exists if the beauty shop sells shampoo and other items. Of particular concern are any products that are made independently.

  • Professional liability depends on the services offered. Simple wash and cut have incidental exposures while salons that offer full body treatments will have higher exposure. Permanents, hair straightening chemicals and colouring can cause considerable hair and skin damage. Full body mud treatments, pedicures and manicures also increase the professional liability. Who is to be covered under the professional coverage — the owner, the operators, the shop? Understanding the contractual relationship is important. The operators’ training, experience and background are important considerations.

  • Workplace safety exposure is often very limited. Shops with more than one chair might be multiple sole proprietorship and not employer/employee relationship. Contracts should be reviewed to know the extent of the relationship and therefore the workplace safety exposure. The shop should permit rest times for employees. Repetitive motion injuries and leg and back injuries are common. Losses also can come from eye and skin irritants resulting from the chemicals.

Minimum recommended coverages for Beaty Shops:

Business Personal Property, Dishonesty, Disappearance and Destruction., General Liability, Professional, Umbrella, Non-owned Automobile

Other coverages to consider for Beauty shops:

Bailees Customers, Employment Practices Liability, Accounts Receivable